Feb 11-12, 20167 – Shalom Retreat by Dr John

Kerala Catholics community in St Louis will be hosting Shalom Festival, a retreat by Dr John and Team from Shalom on February 11  & 12. Dr John (Shalom) is a well-known preacher, hosts spiritual programs in Shalom TV regularly and has conducted many retreats all around the world.

If you’ve considered a retreat in the past, don’t miss this opportunity for an uplifting and fulfilling experience!  We promise you this could be the greatest gift you give yourself!  Please visit the Retreat Registration Site, click on the Register button to register your seats for the retreat.

Registration fee for the retreat is $100 per family or $50 per person. Registration fee will be used for meeting the basic expenses and will be collected when you sign in on Saturday. Lunch and snacks will be provided. Retreat will conclude with a dinner on Sunday evening.

We  look forward to seeing you at the retreat!

God Bless,

Kerala Catholics community

Links to few videos of Dr John: