Spiritual Director: Fr Lijo Kallarackal

Outreach & Hospitality Ministry

Focus: Be a welcoming face of the community, make our presence known and support those in need.
This ministry will focus primarily on reaching out to new members, spreading awareness, managing communication, reaching out to people in need and providing hospitality service for special events.

Leads: Bejoy Mathew & Biji Vattathara

Music Ministry

Focus: Establish a community Choir for Mass and other events.
As the name implies, primary focus of this ministry will be to form a choir and coordinate Mass songs, Christmas Carol, Ecumenical Carol etc.

Lead: Nisha Belgi

Youth Ministry

Focus: Engage youths in the community and facilitate activities for youths.
Primary focus of the Youth ministry will be to coordinate various youth activities and increase youth/kids participation in Mass and special events.

Lead: Ankitha Rony

Faith & Liturgy Ministry

Focus: Provide an environment for us to grow as a faith community and support liturgical services
This ministry will focus on coordination of Mass and prayer services, faith formation activities and helping those with spiritual needs.
Leads: Jai Thomas and Savio Joseph

Finance /Treasurer
Focus: Manage finance for the needs of the community
Lead: Savio Joseph

2016 committee

  • Jai Thomas
  • Savio Joseph
  • Biji Vattathara
  • Nisha Belgi
  • Ankitha Rony
  • Bejoy Mathew